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New Homes and Enhancements

        At J. Lloyd Builder, Inc., we deliver high quality homes for the discerning buyer. We primarily concentrate on new home construction from the ground up. Chances are we have built a home in the neighborhood in which you are looking and we are familar with their respective architectural guidelines. Typically we build one or two specualtive homes per year, so you can admire the quality of our homes. We also have experience with home enhancements to include room additions, kitchen and bath makeovers, small renovations, and light commercial build out projects. 

       We like to be involved in the early planning stages. After understanding a client's budget and desires we manage the design of the homeplans. We will keep the project on a smooth path with constant communication as to the direction of costs associated with construction.  As the plan nears completion we work through the project specifications, the neighborhhood review process, pricing, and all the necessary local code compliance to get to a permit ready date.  Once we have contract documents and the clients financing  in place, we move toward construction. We also include the services of an interior design professional with early project selections such as plumbing, appliances, kitchen and bath lay out and design. 


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